here’s to letting it all out

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”  –Steve Jobs

These days, everyone wants to be a something…instafamous, a Kardashian, Taylor Swift, twitter verified, or a Victoria’s Secret angel. *tries to be all of the above*  But we all know that’s not a we turn to blogging.  This here is blog attempt #2 for me and I can’t promise much…but I can promise you that they’ll always start and end the same way, there WILL be typos, some of it won’t make sense and finally, these words are mine — honest and unfiltered.

So here’s to blogging (aka typing out my thoughts and hoping people like reading them) Topics to be covered: learning new things, realizing stuff, loving harder than ever, being a girl, graduating college *cries*, stupid moments, smart moments, roughing it as a adult, letting it all out and other fun stuff.

just living, lizzi