senate sentiment

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead

Disclaimer: My last post was about as light-hearted as they come, but this post is the definition of a “senior moment” so if you’re graduating soon or finding yourself in an unstable emotional state, proceed with caution.

Last night I had the sincere privilege of sitting in on my first and last “last senate meeting” of the term. I have absolutely adored the opportunity to serve as a member of K-State’s student government this year and last night, members that have so selflessly served throughout their entire time as a Wildcat (calculated to be over seven DAYS in the Big XII room…and probably more in the OSAS offices) had the chance to, and I quote, “word vomit” to all of senate (and a handful of reminiscent seniors who snuck in after the 4.5 hour long meeting) in the hopes they might 1. impart some wisdom onto those fortunate enough to be returning to this inexplicably dedicated group of movers and shakers at K-State, 2. give good advice or 3. at the least, give the room a good laugh! SO many beautiful things were said, pretty tears turned into ugly cries for a few moments and my heart burst into about a thousand pieces as I walked out of that room and had my first super real “oh shit, I’m graduating” moment.

I don’t think anyone could replicate the atmosphere I sat in last night so I’m not going to try. But the words below either produced goosebumps, smiles, watering eyes, or flowing tears and I feel like more than the members of K-State’s Student Government Association should be listening to their message. They didn’t have a prompt, they weren’t given a time limit and most of them began with some variation of “I had no idea what I wanted to say here tonight.” So read slowly and enjoy their words…I know I did.

“only complain if you can make a difference about what you’re complaining about.” – mg

“the quality of your process will always impact the quality of your outcome.” – hf

“find your problem and punch it!” – ra

“failure will not define me…it will refine me.” – lb

“the thing is that, you know what to do. and we can’t wait to watch you do it.” – aw

“accept the journey. follow your heart…even if you don’t know where it’s going.” – sh

“if it is to be, it is up to me” – ck

“being kind is not overrated.” -jm

The amount of love, compassion, raw emotion and pure talent that I sat among as several of my friends answered their last role call was enough to last a lifetime. After spending 9 hours with the dedicated Wildcats I so proudly call some of my best friends, I walked out of the K-State Student Union. It was 2:27am and although my eyes were tired and my body exhausted, my heart was full.

I can say with complete confidence that this group of thoughtful, committed, citizens will indeed change the world. They’ve already changed mine in more ways than they will ever know…

just living, lizzi

Abby, Jordan and Cody…love you to the stars and back.

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