it’s full of secrets

“That’s why her hair is so big…it’s full of secrets!” – Damian, Mean Girls

I promised you this blog would be little bits of everything…so here goes girly blog post #1. (Fellas, take a glance at the length of this post and BOOM: insight into why showers take years and getting ready is similar to that of a musical production.)

If you hadn’t caught on yet, this post is dedicated to hair. I put quite a bit of energy into keeping my hair healthy and am asked on the daily (eh, weekly) about what sorts of “hair secrets” I’m hiding. Well, they’re secret no more! SO for all you girls out there who have 1. actually asked but don’t remember what I said, 2. are curious, or 3. want healthier, stronger, shinier hair…buckle up! In no particular order of importance, these are the things I do to keep my hair FAB

*pause* I think it’s important to start by saying that everyone’s hair and scalp work differently (mine even decides to deviate from its norm on occasion) but just like we take care of our skin, it’s important to take care of our hair. *unpause*

SHAMPOO-ING: Don’t. Okay, do..but not too much. Shampooing is the process of stripping hair of its natural oils. I know, I know, no one wants oily hair…but here’s the thing: we’ve been shampooing so often and for so long that our hair now OVER-produces oil to compensate us stripping it away every day. Give your hair a break and start limiting shampoo sessions. First go several hours longer than you would normally go and gradually extend to a day or two. In between shampoos, dry shampoo is fine but don’t over-apply and end up with ghost hair. Oh and for those wondering, I’ve worked my way up to 4 days (yes, i still shower) and for me, that’s the max.

PRODUCTS: As far as shampoo and conditioner are concerned, I just shop at Target! BUT I do make sure that I am buying ‘Sulfate Free’ products and trust me when I say that they’ll make the difference! Sulfates are harsh on our delicate strands and especially if you HAVE to shampoo every day, I highly suggest you go sulfate free.

BRUSHING: Again, DON’T. Instead? Comb it. (Wide-tooth only) Yes, it takes a bit longer and might not feel as good right before you fall asleep but brushes are another hidden hair-enemy ripping at your tresses, encouraging weakness and split ends. Fun fact: I haven’t brushed my hair in several YEARS.

BLOW-DRYING: Time consuming and awful for your hair…BUT I have good news! I swear by Kenra’s Blow Dry Spray. It decreases blow-dry time by at least half, protects from heat, and after you use it you smell like you stepped off a tropical island holding a piña colada (win, Win, WIN)

HEAT TOOLS: Limit this as much as you can stand. Now, I love my heat-induced curls probably more than the next person but I promise that limiting your heat is best. (Second and third day hair with a little touch up is encouraged) But if you must, protect your hair. Compare to going out in the sun…people who aren’t trying to be skin-cancerous-lobsters wear at least a little SPF and people who want shiny, fabulous hair protect their hair from heat damage. Oh and be generous with it. (I apply beforehand and several times throughout my curl-sesh) Again, I swear by Kenra’s Blow Dry Spray.

COLOR: DON’T. I think that’s like the fifth time I’ve said no to you (I’m sorry)…but it’s true. Coloring your hair is fairly terrible for it, especially if you’re going lighter. Be as kind as possible and make sure that if you are DYING to be a different color you consult a professional.

HAIRCUTS: Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think cuts/trims are necessary every 6 weeks…unless of course you are keeping up with fancy bangs, fun layers or something else high-maintenance. SO, take care of your hair at home and you’ll likely feel less need to book that expensive appointment besides maybe 2-3 times a year.

These few habits are likely to make your locks happy as can be. But, remember that everyone’s hair works differently (hair genes are real) so it’s really all about being nice to whatever you were blessed with and trying different products and routines until you see changes you like! If you have any questions…I’d love to answer them!

ALSO: a special thanks to my hair stylist, Katt, for be a bomb stylist, answering all of my questions and educating me on hair care for the past 10 years! If you ever are having a hair-pocalypse (because those are real), go see her–she’s INCREDIBLE.

just living, lizzi

One thought on “it’s full of secrets

  1. I just got so warm and tingly! I had a bird tell me about this blog and had to come read it. Lizzi you have amazing hair, great smile, and even more important awesome spirit. You have educated yourself in many many ways and have a beautiful mind that will continue to grow! Just like your hair 🙂 Thanks for the shout out and for hitting me in the feels this morning 🙂 🙂


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