getting there

“Getting there is half the fun.” — Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

As a twenty-something only months away from college graduation, my mind wanders to “what is life?” more often that I’d like to admit. Some days it comes in drops, other days in waves, and every few months it’ll hit me like a tsunami.

I was driving along one of our gorgeous “nestled in the Flint Hills” highway stretches, never-ending green on either side of me and nothing but blue patched with white above me. It was steadily raining and I found myself watching the droplets race each other down the windshield, silently cheering for the lucky drops I claimed as my own. The sound of rain engulfed the car, calming me. Then only for a moment, an empty silence broke the rhythm I’d grown so used to  a bridge. There was something so beautiful about the silence, but strange. So interesting, but not normal.

See, I think the whole “life’s a roller coaster” is overused. What if life isn’t hyper-speed ups and downs with metal restraints and your stomach in your throat but rather a drive in your car down a beautiful stretch of highway as rain pours down all around you? What if those moments of silence as we pass under a bridge, the moments that could easily be forgotten are the ones that we need to remember. I’ve realized it’s so easy to go through the motions and focus on tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. But I’m starting to think Mary Kate and Ashley (well, the screenwriters for Getting There) were right. The rain that falls around us, the people we chose to invite on the drive, the split-second silence as we approach something new, those are the things worth focusing on.

Getting there (wherever your “there” is) will be messy and hard and it won’t happen the way we think it should…but it’s important that we pause for the fun, appreciate the mess, embrace the weird and just let life do it’s thing…because getting there truly should be half the fun.

just living, lizzi