dessert: optional

“You’ve got the rest of your life to love somebody else, focus on loving yourself. ” — Anonymous

Oh wow, such a hot topic. So here are a few questions for you…Am I absolutely insane for being in a 6 year-long relationship as a 21 year old? Am I crazy to think I found my “one” (if that’s even a thing) at age 15? Am I missing out on college? Most people would answer “yes, Yes and YES.” I answer “I’m blessed, maybe a little, NOT AT ALL.”

If you know me at all you know how inexplicably important I think it is to be 100% whole by yourself. A relationship cannot make you whole…you have to be it all on your own. A relationship means loving every part of yourself before even considering to give love to another fragile, beautiful human being. A teacher of mine once told me that your life is like a fancy (or McD’s dollar-menu) four-course meal. We’ve got salad, some sort of appetizer *prays for bread sticks*, a main dish and dessert. The first three fill you up, they keep you going and damn, they taste great. This is life; we find things that fill our bucket, we become the people we want to be and we enjoy just being here, surrounded by other incredible people so that we might find a purpose, make a difference or change the world for the better (hopefully).

But then there’s dessert. So many options. Do I want ice cream or cake…maybe I want both. What about brownies and cookies and those really yummy little shooters they have at Olive Garden? When it comes down to it, we all know dessert is perfect. The highly anticipated, always well thought out part of a meal…but do we need it? No. Finding someone to love is dessert. It’s a decision and it’s sweeter than anything else. It’s the cherry on top of a beautifully unique, hand-crafted life. I know, I know…of course I can say this, I’ve been in a relationship “for-freaking-ever.” Yep, I found my cherry-on-top when I was 15, but every day for the past 6ish years I’ve taken a second to think about what my teacher said. Would I still be me without my partner? Am I whole by myself? Am I taking the time to love and get to know myself?

yes. Yes. YES. So here I am taking some time to love me and only me.

I hate hanging up clothes…but I love a color-coordinated closet.

I have a serious obsession with stripes. All thicknesses, colors and combinations of the two.

I have a “strong” handshake. (Actually mine are normal and everyone else needs to quit it with the sissy hand jiggle)

I almost always eat all of my dinner before touching my water/milk.

I can sleep through nearly anything: a yelling brother, washing machines, alarm clocks, tornado sirens…you name it and I’m not hearing it.

I like to be creative and lose myself in a project…especially when it’s a gift for a friend

I love the way my parents chose to spell Lizzi. It’s nice and neat and I match my mama (Traci).

I believe lowercase letters are superior to uppercase letters and I will argue this until the day I die.

I exaggerate things…whoops.

I smile at things, at people, at animals, at walls…I like to smile.

I think that i was raised into a religion called “love.” It’s the most beautiful religion of all and more people should convert.

I am knock-kneed and flat footed *cue clumsy moment*

“…” is my most commonly used form of punctuation…I’m sure you’ve noticed.

I keep my radio volume on even numbers.

I have little self-control when it comes to ice-cream and I don’t flavor or brand discriminate.

I am learning to think twice about what i say and do and how other people interpret it. IT’S TOUGH.

I “random dance” pretty much anywhere. Once I knocked my brother out with a high kick in the kitchen.

This is me. And none of it would change if for whatever reason dessert wasn’t a part of my life. So here’s to learning more about yourself each and everyday, with or without dessert.

just living, lizzi

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